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On Monday, you finish a twenty-mile bike ride in the Swiss Alps. You turn off your mobile phone or tablet, leave the bike and enjoy a healthy life-style. You take a moment to reflect upon your completed exercise goal and reminisce about the beauty of your sightseeing experience. Remember that chalet? Remember the majestic beauty of the mountains?

Tuesday, you choose to bike virtually through Central Park in New York City.

Wednesday, your destination is Okinawa Island, learning about Japanese culture and visiting historic sites.

What’s in store for the rest of the week? Vancouver, Edinburgh, Sydney… the choice is yours!

Our application, Cycle Anywhere, leverages Google Streets to give you the freedom and excitement of virtually biking anywhere in the world!! Now you can bike the world without leaving home with Cycle Anywhere!  You don’t need to cycle the same routes, read magazines or watch TV during your workouts anymore. No more worries about weather, flat tires, or cars running you off the road. This is  your time to have fun biking and the Cycle Anywhere application can take YOU there!

You can bike Las Vegas, USA - Paris, France - Warsaw, Poland. Why not bike through Europe, Canada, the United States-- the world is yours to explore with Cycle Anywhere! 

New York City Manhattan Cycle Anywhere Route
Cycle Anywhere Application Interface

Cycle Anywhere Phone Menu
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Cycle Anywhere - "How it Works and What You Need"

The following is what you need to use Cycle Anywhere
"Press Play and Start Pedaling in the Virtual World."


All you need is a bike that is a Stationary Bike, Recumbent Bike, Road Bike, or a Pedal Exerciser. Purchase the Wahoo Cadence Sensor (Sold by Amazon) and attach to the bike Crank Arm. 

Bike Arm and Wahoo Cadence Sensor


Cycle Anywhere Application is available for Android Mobile Phone & Tablet. Purchase Cycle Anywhere through the Google Store. **Currently, not available for Apple iOS. TBA at a later date. Hang in there Apple Fans!** 

Bike Arm and Wahoo Cadence Sensor


To Cycle the Virtual World you will need a high speed data connection for your mobile phone or tablet. This can be your mobile or internet cable provider. And last, is your desire to bike the world! 

Bike Arm and Wahoo Cadence Sensor 

Cycle Anywhere Videos


Cycle Anywhere Promotion Video 2018

Cycle the Virtual World - "Hardware Requirements"

What our Customers are Saying...

Learn about what our customers are experiencing and sharing about their Cycle Anywhere virtual biking! 

Borama Apps allowed me to Cycle Across The USA Sight Seeing and Live Healthy... Thank You Borama Apps. - Follow my bike ride on Facebook Groups @ VR Bike Across America

David A. Warner

Biking the USA with Cycle Anywhere

"Cycle Anywhere is like a Vacation from Home without the Expense" - This is a low cost solution without having spending tons of money for healthy living.

Rose Allen

Stay At Home Mom

Press Release & FAQs

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