Contact: Michal Bojanowicz and David A. Warner
Date: 05-01-2018
Web Site:
Where do you want to bike today?
Cities: Warsaw, Poland / Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: 04-17-2018
On Monday you finished a twenty-mile bike ride in the Swiss Alps. Tuesday you chose to bike through
Central Park in New York City. Wednesday you’ll cycle Okinawa Island, learning about Japanese culture
and visiting historic sites while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Borama Applications brings you virtual reality
biking with their application Cycle Anywhere.
The Cycle Anywhere application leverages Google Streets to give you the freedom and excitement of
virtually biking anywhere in the world. You don’t need to cycle the same mundane routes, read
magazines, or watch TV during your work outs anymore. You don’t have to worry about weather, bike
maintenance, or cars running you off the road this is your time and you have the world to explore from
the comfort of your home. David Warner is a beta tester for Cycle Anywhere. David has embarked on a
6,000-mile virtual bike ride across The United States of America. Presently, David has completed 4,000
miles biking virtually through eight states, completed 150 hours of exercise, and most importantly is
living a healthier lifestyle with Cycle Anywhere. “Biking virtually is exciting, educational, and living a
healthy lifestyle” David exclaims.
Brought to you by Borama Applications. Cycle Anywhere is a low-cost solution for living a
healthier lifestyle and enjoying an educational sight-seeing experience. ###
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